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Get the upper hand in any situation simply by being informed. We are here to help you answer the important questions you have. At Southern Integrity Investigations, based in Clarksville, Tennessee, we know that not having all the facts about your situation can be very detrimental, and no person should ever have to deal with the ramifications that may arise from a lack of information. From process serving to locating a cheating spouse, our primary goal for our clients is to give them the knowledge that they need to protect themselves or to succeed in a courtroom.

What We Do

Working Homicides | Cheating Spouses | Surveillance Services | Process Server | Track A Partner/Spouse | Vehicle Surveillance | Workers Comp Investigations | Personal Injury Investigation | Missing Persons Search | Background/Criminal Investigations | Divorce Investigations | Covert Surveillance | Child Custody Investigations | Asset Location | Audio/Video Surveillance | Live and Well Checks | Repossess Vehicles | Skip Tracing (Locating People)

Clarksville Private Detective Services

Clarksville Private Investigator Confidentially Policy

The Clarksville Private Detective, a Clarksville Private Investigator has a long standing policy to protect our clients and their privacy. What this means to our Clarksville Private Investigator clients is that we will never release any information about our clients, their case, or even acknowledge you’re our client without your express permission. This means absent a court order, even the other party’s attorney will not get our cooperation.